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Caribbean Single Market Economy (CSME)

The Department also administers the CARICOM (Free Movement) Skilled Persons Act which came into effect in July 1997.

The Act was designed to facilitate the free movement of Caribbean professionals within the Caribbean region. There are at present, 13 member states within Caricom, the majority have begun the implementation of this inter-regional agreement.

A document called "A Certificate of Recognition of Caribbean Community Skilled Person" is issued to persons who qualify under the Act. Each Caricom member state is required to issue this certification to qualified skilled persons entering their shores to engage in any form of employment.

This Caricom Free Movement of Skilled Persons agreement is being implemented on a phased basis where other categories of qualifying skills are to be included. To date, Artistes, Musicians, Journalists, Medical persons and Sport persons have been included under the Act.

Documents needed for Certificate of Recognition of Caribbean Community Skills

  1. Completed application form from the Ministry of Labour‘s Office.
  2. A certified copy of University Degree, Associate Degree, Diploma, Professional qualifications (ACCA, AAT etc.) Certificate NCTVET – Level 2 (HEART/TRUST NTA) for Artisans and Domestic workers ONLY –Note: All applicants are required to present a letter in a sealed enveloped from the institution which the qualification (s) was awarded to verify that said qualification is authentic. (NOT A TRANSCRIPT) 
  3. Certified copy of passport page (showing bio-data information and expiry date).  
  4. A certified copy of Birth Certificate
  5. A deed poll/or other document to support change of name, if any.
  6. Three (3) certified passport size photographs
  7. Police Report from country of residence for the past 3 yrs.

*NB.  Qualifications obtained from Universities other than those specified in the Act (University of the West Indies, University of Guyana , University of Technology, MICO University and University of Suriname) need to get the qualification assessed for equivalency at the University Council of Jamaica, 6b Oxford Road, Kingston 10.  


  1. A certified copy of Birth Certificate
  2. Certified copy of passport page
  3. Three (3) certified passport size photographs.
  4. Where the applicant’s name is not on the birth certificate, a Declaration signed before a Justice of the Peace/Notary Public by two persons who knew of the birth stating that he/she (applicant) is the parent
  5. Adoption papers (for adopted children)
  6. Marriage Certificate (in case of wife/husband)
  7. A copy of the Decree Absolute certified by a Justice of the Peace/Notary Public if either or both the husband and wife were previously divorced.
  8. A certified copy of the death certificate if former husband or wife had died


With the amendment of the legislation governing the Free Movement of Skilled Nationals, we will see the following fees being charged as of April 01, 2014. These fees are nonrefundable:


Application Fee:            $2,000.00

Cost of Certificate:         $8,000.00

Each Dependent :          $2,000.00

Replacement Fee:          $3,000.00

Amendment Fee:           $2,000.00


To download and print application form you need to ensure that your machine has a PDF software installed. Click here to download application form.


Things You Should Know

  • Only graduates with degrees, and who are citizens of designated Caricom Countries who are signatory to the agreement are eligible for the Certificate of Recognition.
  • Some professionals, for example; Engineers, Doctors, Veterinarians, Nurses who are desirous of working in Jamaica are required to register with the relevant authorities listed below:

Institution Addresses

  • Professional Engineers Registration Board
    2 Winchester Road,
    Kingston 10
    Tel: 754-6275/929-8820

  • The Medical Council of Jamaica
    2 King Street,
    Tel: 922-3116

  • Ministry of Agriculture - Veterinary Division
    Marcus Garvey Drive,
    13 Tel: 924-8077/8079

  • The Nursing Council of Jamaica
    25 Dominica Drive,
    Kingston 5
    Tel: 926-6042/929-5118

  • Pharmacy Council
    41 Lady Musgrave Road,
    Kingston 10 Tel: 978-1000

  • Supplementary Council to Medicine
    2 King Street,
    Tel: 922-3116

  • Ministry of Agriculture - Fisheries Division
    Marcus Garvey Drive
    Kingston 13

  • Jamaica Racing Commission
    8 Winchester Road, Kingston
    10 Tel:926-2718/2724/2727

  • Public Accountancy Board c/o Ministry of Finance & Planning
    Block G, 1st Floor
    30 National Heroes Circle
    Kingston 4

  • Betting, Gaming & Lotteries Commission Bldg 2,
    17 Ruthven Road
    Kingston 10
    Tel: 960-1549/7279

  • Ministry of Commerce, Science & Technology
    36 Trafalgar Road,
    Motor Vehicle Unit
    Kingston 10
    Tel: 929-8990-9

These registration processes may attract a fee (the relevant authorities will advise).

  • Under the FNACC Act, it is stated "A Foreign National or Commonwealth Citizen" shall not engage in any occupation unless there is in force a valid work permit which is issued in relation to his/her current employment terms and specifications (see Section 3 of the Act).
  • Any employer who employs an expatriate who does not have in force a valid work permit in relation to that employment is liable to imprisonment or fines. (see Section 6 of the FNCC Act). Every work permit should be kept by the person to whom it is issued. (see Section 9 of the act).
  • Non-Commonwealth Citizens are required to obtain a work visa, BEFORE entering the Island to engage in employment activity. The Ministry National Security, 25 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10 should be contacted on matters relating to the granting of a visa.


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