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Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Henry Calls For Changes To PATH Requirements To Facilitate 50,000 More Poor Jamaicans.

Labour and Security Minister, Lester ‘Mike’ Henry, says the criteria for selection of beneficiaries in the Programme for Advancement through Health and Education (PATH) are in dire need of change. According to Minister Henry, there are approximately Fifty Thousand (50,000) more poor Jamaicans who are currently not on the programme, but who should have been on the programme.

He told Parliamentarians on Tuesday, that he carries a deep burden of concern for those persons who are suffering badly and that the onset of the Covid19 pandemic has worsened their living standards.

According Minister Henry, with the passage of time the established criteria for beneficiaries are in urgent need of review. In this regard, Minister Henry says he is moving to have the qualifying indicators changed to reflect the realities of the Jamaican poor and capture this large number of Jamaicans who are in desperate need of help from the State.

The criteria for PATH beneficiaries were developed by the PIOJ 20 years ago as a National Indicator for selection to the Social Welfare Programme.

The Beneficiary Identification System (BIS) which is currently in place, uses socio economic and demographic indicators as proxies to determine consumption in order to identify the poor for the social programme. All identified poor households are then placed in a Management Information System for cross sector targeting. The authentication of the scores are then followed by a site visit to the household by a social worker before cash transfers are made.




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