NIS Forms

08 Feb
NI Gold Benefit Increase 2023
1.15 MB
NIS Benefits Increase 2023
1.15 MB
Personal Details Change Form
750.71 KB
Pensioner’s Information Update Form
786.44 KB
Employment Injury Benefit
595.60 KB
Employment Injury Disablement Benefit
656.21 KB
Employment Injury Benefit Medical Certificate
248.75 KB
Employment Injury Benefit Death
594.28 KB
Medical Review Form
181.38 KB
Declaration of Common Law Union by Third Party to Union Form
212.64 KB
Declaration of Common Law Union by Party to Union Form
212.97 KB
Direct Deposit Application Form
855.37 KB
Voluntary Contribution Form
83.46 KB
Application For Refund of Contributions
177.72 KB
Overseas Life Certificate (click for instructions)
0.00 KB
Agent Application
16.88 KB
Dependent Spouse Allowance
50.13 KB
Retirement Benefit (Old Age Benefit)
813.43 KB
Change of Guardian
563.57 KB
Special Child's Benefit
844.62 KB
Orphan's Benefit
844.62 KB
Maternity Benefit
39.31 KB
Widow's Benefit
844.62 KB
Name Declaration
15.62 KB
Age Declaration
16.58 KB
Delayed Claim
29.90 KB
Interim Report of Accident
16.71 KB
Invalidity Claim
813.43 KB
Funeral Grant Waiver
381.36 KB
Funeral Grant Claim
605.53 KB
Employer's Closure Advice
34.88 KB
Employer's Name Change
42.88 KB
Employer's Annual Return
83.13 KB
SO2 Employer Annual Returns Form
0.00 KB
Employer Registration
27.48 KB
NIS Individual Registration
784.20 KB