Pay and Conditions of Employment Branch

The Pay and Conditions of Employment Branch (PCEB) is an arm of the Industrial Relations (IR) Department. The core function is to ensure compliance with the minimum standards set out in the Labour Laws of Jamaica.

At the inception of the PCEB, the focus was primarily to provide advice, investigate complaints lodged at the Ministry and to inspect the employment records of business establishments, to verify the level of compliance especially as it relates to the Minimum Wage Act (1938). The functions of the Department have expanded as more non-unionised workers seek the Ministry’s intervention in resolving matters relating to the non-payment of statutory obligations. This has resulted in an increased number of persons visiting, writing and calling the PCEB.

To achieve its objective the PCEB will:

  1. Conduct frequent investigations and inspections of establishments in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Officer’s Powers Act.
  2. Disseminate information to the general public in relation to the Labour Laws of Jamaica.
  3. Respond to labour relations queries from the general public.
  4. Advise prospective employers (Foreign investors) on the provisions of the Jamaica Labour Laws.
  5. Interview clients (employees and employers) to determine whether formal intervention is required to address a breach of the pay and conditions of employment.
  6. Document complaints and provide timely case management.
  7. Conduct mediation sessions with complainants and employers to amicably resolve complaints.
  8. Review and reassess complaints /cases and to determine if court referral is necessary.


The Minimum Wage Act

The National Minimum Wage (Amendment) Order, 2018 

The Minimum Wage (Industrial Security Guards) (Amendment) Order, 2018