Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities

The Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities (JCPD) is responsible for the implementation of policies and programmes for PwDs. The current mandate of the Council is to promote the protection of the rights of PwDs while facilitating their educational, social and economic development.

The Council seeks to empower those with disability, by promoting independence through training and development. The Council works closely with other government and non-government agencies to ensure improved quality of life and independence for PwDs.

The Council assists these persons with skills training and self-help projects, so that they can earn an income.

To receive a service or benefit, PwDs must be registered with the JCPD.

Unregistered PwDs must obtain a medical form from the JCPD or a Social Worker in the Parish Office, which should be completed by their Medical Doctor verifying their disability. The form is to be returned to the JCPD’s Head Office or to a Social Worker in the Parish Office where the registration process is completed.

Jamaica Council for Persons With Disability

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