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MLSS PR Unit August 17, 2022

Increased Job Opportunities Coming for Jamaican Hospitality Workers

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Friday, August 12, 2022


Increased Job Opportunities Coming for Jamaican Hospitality Workers



Permanent Secretary, in the Ministry of Labour & Social Security, Mrs. Colette Roberts Risden, hosted a meeting with a team of recruiters to discuss prospects for increased overseas employment opportunities for Jamaican Hospitality Workers, on Tuesday, August 9.

The team, led by Mrs. Veronica Birkenstock, President of Practical Employee Solutions (PES), engaged the Permanent Secretary in discussions on expanding the number of workers on PES Properties. PES has been participating with the Jamaica Central Labour Organization (JCLO) programme for over 25 years.

According to Birkenstock, up to July 28, 2022 there were approximately 374 Jamaicans from the Government operated programme on PES Properties, noting that there are opportunities for increased engagements.  Director of Recruiting of Omni Hilton, SC, Mr.  Martin Lake, stressed his organization’s keen interest in returning workers, noting that “the returning worker is gold”, due to their prior experience and ability to “hit the ground running” in contrast to new workers who had a steeper learning curve.

Director of Associate Services, Mrs. Dorothy Beek, expressed a desire to start interviewing workers in Jamaica again, “preferably as soon as September 2022”.

For her part, Mrs Roberts Risden reiterated the fact that Jamaica places great value on the US/Jamaica partnership, and assured the team of the Ministry’s capacity to recruit and engage eligible workers for the September recruitment drive, and indicated that plans are in place to dispatch groups of workers via Montego Bay in addition to the current dispatches from Kingston.

The meeting was held at the Ministry’s North Street office in Kingston.




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