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MLSS PR Unit August 21, 2023

Labour Minister Meets with Repatriated Farmworkers to further investigate claims of victimization

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Friday, August 18, 2023



Labour Minister Meets with Repatriated Farmworkers to further investigate claims of victimization


The Ministry of Labour and Social Security, today met with repatriated farmworkers to advance investigations into allegations of victimization. Labour Minister the Hon. Pearnel Charles Jr., along with senior ministry officials with responsibility for the Overseas Employment Programme, this morning met with four (4) of the five (5) farm workers who were repatriated to Jamaica on August 8, to get a firsthand account of the matter.

The fifth farm worker, who was also invited indicated that he was unable to attend.

Minister Charles Jr. assured the workers that while the Ministry has a vital interest in protecting the integrity of the programme, its top priority is to ensure that the rights and interests of the workers are upheld. He urged the workers to openly share their perspectives concerning the circumstances surrounding their early return with him and the team and to make a full disclosure all relevant information that could assist ongoing investigation into this matter.

In their response, the four workers confirmed that they were aware of the report in the Jamaica Observer, however, they were adamant that they had not spoken to any media representative, or to anyone connected to the media. They indicated however, that they were aware that two media representatives had visited the farm in the days prior to their departure.

The workers assured the Ministry’s team that they have full access to and are aware of the channels provided to them for communicating challenges they experience with their employment.

As a first step, farmworkers are advised to report challenges to their supervisors and to escalate reports to their assigned Liaison Officers as needed. Telephone contact numbers for the Liaison Officers are posted in each bunkhouse, along with numbers for the Liaison Service in each Province, and the number of the Liaison Service’s head office in Toronto.

The farm workers further expressed their disappointment at returning home earlier than expected and expressed concerns about their prospects for future participation in the Farm work programme. They further agreed to provide written statements to the Ministry as investigations into this matter are ongoing.


Labour & Social Security Minister, Hon. Pearnel Charles Jr. (R) holds a brief discussion with two of the five repatriated farmworkers, Kevern Creighton, (L) and Nigel Ramsay (C) after a meeting held at the Ministry’s East Street office in Kingston on Friday, August 18, 2023


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