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MLSS PR Unit July 20, 2021

Samuda Makes Plea for Productivity to be Prioritized across all Sectors

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Samuda Makes Plea for Productivity to be Prioritized across all Sectors


Minister of Labour and Social Security, Karl Samuda is making an impassioned plea for all Jamaicans to take productivity seriously, so that the country can become more efficient and have sustainable growth and development.

“Productivity is everybody’s business, therefore, we should all seek to prioritize productivity across all sectors, industries, firms and in our daily lives.”

“At the core of productivity is efficiency, and the more efficient we are with our labour, investments and natural resources, the more Jamaica can produce,” Samuda said during the World Productivity Day forum hosted by the Jamaica Productivity Centre (JPC) under theme “National Pathway toward Resilient and Sustainable Productivity Improvement.”

His message was delivered by Collin Turner, Senior Director of Technical Assistance Service Unit at the JPC.

“We are at a pivotal point where we must actively seek to implement transformative initiatives to have long lasting productivity gains. The JPC will be exploring how to automate agro-processing to improve the quantity and quality of our agricultural products.”

He said that “agro-processing can improve agricultural productivity by reducing post-harvest losses, diversifying the rural economy, improving food security, providing employment opportunities among other things.”

Director General of the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), Dr Wayne Henry agrees with Minister Samuda and said that all is set to benefit if there is an increase in productivity in Jamaica.

“Increase productivity will translate into higher profit for firms, higher wages for labour, higher revenue for government and lower cost for consumers.”


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