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Application Form Requirements

It is important that all applicants for a work permit and work permit exemption in Jamaica take careful note of the instructions contained herein, These instructions are designed to assist you in properly completing each application and also to ensure that you supply the Ministry of Labour & Social Security with all relevant information to allow for careful consideration and ease in processing your application

Application forms and cover letters are to be submitted in triplicate with two sets of documents specified in instruction 4.

  • You should complete the application thoroughly, writing in ink and using block capitals. It is an offence punishable by law to supply any false or misleading statement or false documents in support of your application for a work permit or work permit exemption.

  • Part I of the application (questions 1-29) should be completed by the applicant. The prospective employer of the applicant should complete Part II (questions 30-51) of this form. Employers should note carefully and provide the information required in questions 43-50 concerning the steps taken to recruit a Jamaican national for the job to be undertaken by the applicant.
  • Please note that Part III of this Form is strictly for Official use only and therefore you should not write or mark in that section as this may invalidate your application.
  • Applicants seeking a work permit on the basis of being self-employed should complete Parts I and II of this form.
  • You should sign and date your application in the spaces provided at Questions 29 and 51 on your form. Applications that are not properly signed and dated will not be processed.
  • Any question on the application that is not relevant to you, the applicant, should be marked with the letters N/A,
  • A non-refundable fee is payable for processing the application.
  • Where approval has been granted for a work permit, prospective employer of the applicant will be notified. Upon receiving the Notice of Approval, a Work Permit Fee is payable by the employer before the Work Permit may be issued. The Work Permit becomes effective from the date it was approved.
  • Payment vouchers are available at the Work Permit Section of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, IF North Street, Kingston and at any of the Parish Offices islandwide.
  • Payments are to be made at any branch of the National Commercial Bank (NCB).

Work Permits are not transferable. Whenever a person to whom a Work Permit has been granted wishes to withdraw his/her services from one employer and take up employment with another before the expiration of the current Work Permit the applicant is required to submit a letter from the previous employer when making a new application, advising whether or not there is any objection to the applicant accepting employment elsewhere in Jamaica.

To download the application form, click here.


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