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Work Permit Fee


a) Work permits granted for any period up to three (3) months.14,400.00 or its equivalent27,000.00 or its equivalent
b) Work permits granted for a period of more than three (3) months, but not more than six (6) months.14,400.00 or its equivalent54,000.00 or its equivalent
c) More than six (6) months, but not more than nine 9 months.14,400.00 or its equivalent81,000.00 or its equivalent
c) Work permits granted for any periodof more than nine (9) months. but not more than one (1) year.14,400.00 or its equivalent108,000.00 or its equivalent

N.B Work Permit granted for any period in excess of one (1) year JA$27,000 for every three (3) month period or part thereof.

A fee of JA$7,200.00 or its equivalent will be charged to replace ID Cards lost, damaged or stolen.

To download and print application form you need to ensure that your machine has a PDF software installed. Click here to download application form.

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