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Funeral Grant

Funeral Grant

A Funeral Grant is payable on the death of:

  • a contributor or his/her spouse

  • persons who were in receipt of Old Age, Invalidity, Widows/Widowers, Disablement and Sugar Workers Pension (with the exception of the Special Anniversary Pensioners)

  • persons whose death resulted from employment injury or from one of the prescribed diseases

The following persons may claim a Funeral Grant:

  • The Executor/Administrator

  • The Legatee

  • The Next-of-Kin

  • The person or persons who paid the funeral expenses

  • The persons or persons who undertake to pay

  • Other

A Funeral Grant must be claimed within one (1) year of the date of death.

A Funeral Grant is payable if the deceased or his/her spouse had:

    1. Made at least 26 weekly contributions in the 52 weeks immediately before the date of death, or

    2. Made at least 52 weekly contributions in the 24 month period before date of death, or

    3. Qualified to receive old age or invalidity pension at the date of death

In the case of Pensioners listed above, the qualifying conditions do not apply.

To download funeral grant claim form click here

Application for Funeral Grant must be accompanied by:

  • Birth Certificate of the deceased

  • Birth Certificate of insured person where claim is not based on contributions of the deceased

  • Medical Certificate of the cause of death

  • Certificate of Burial after Registry

  • Death Certificate

  • National Insurance Registration Card (pink card) of the deceased, if he/she was not a pensioner

  • National Insurance Registration Card of the insured person, if other than the deceased

  • Any National Insurance Pension Order Book or cheque issued to deceased, if he/she was a pensioner and which has not been surrendered

  • Marriage Certificate, if claim is being made by the widow or widower

  • Undertaker’s receipt or estimate

  • Documentary Proof of Grant of Probate or Letters of Administrator, if the Executor or Administrator is making claim

To download funeral grant claim form click here.

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